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Babichi Orphanage Needs Our Help Once More!

Many  of  our  readers  will  recall  the  plight  of  Babichi  Orphanage  when  we  first  visited  in  2006 – roof 
leaking like a sieve, water running down the bedroom walls, hopelessly inadequate heating system, 150
children living and schooling in wet, cold conditions and suffering from the resultant coughs, colds, chest 
conditions, etc. I cannot thank enough those Lions and Clubs, including our Lions friends in Germany 
and France, who donated to the funding necessary to rectify this unacceptable situation. 

Your generosity has enabled us to rebuild the roof and renovate 
the  central  heating  system.  And  on  our  recent  visit  to  the 
orphanage, DG Bob Prebble, Jacquie Prebble and I were able 
to  see  what  a  huge  difference your  efforts  have  made.  The 
building is now dry and warm. The staff has now been able to 
re-decorate properly, and to make the place a bright, welcoming 
environment  for  the  children.  The  difference  is  truly  breath-

But the  job  is  not  yet  finished. The  orphanage  gets  no    
government funding to furnish the children’s living quarters, 
and of course there is no parental contribution available for 
apart.  For  most  of  the  beds,  makeshift  repairs made  over orphans. 
As a result, the furniture in these quarters is falling 
the years are no longer adequate, and they are in the final 
days of their use. They desperately need replacing.

100 Beds for Babichi! (Well, 155 actually)
Why not make this one of our District Centennial Goals? 
What better way to celebrate our 100 years?

The list of furniture needed, and the prices (investigated by the Gomel Group here, and agreed with the 
Director of the orphanage), are shown overleaf. I would ask all clubs to donate generously. The list is 
broken down to show the costs relating to individual living units within the building, and any club or zone 
wishing to sponsor a particular block will have a suitable plaque erected in that block in recognition, and 
will receive a report and photographs of that particular block in due course.
In the true spirit of Lionism, please give generously

Please make cheques payable to
“Lions Belarus Trust”,
and send to:-
PDG Frank Lees,
Heathers, 16 Rochester Way,
Crowborough, TN6 2DR
(01892 654196).


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